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  Jan. 30, 2020

Dear foreign experts and teachers,

  With the current coronavirus outbreak in China, Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU) will not start the spring semester before Feb.17 and will decide the opening time according to the later situation.

  For your health and safety, we suggest you postpone your trip to SSPU until getting our further notice when the situation becomes better.

  If you still want to come as planned, please inform our relevant college/school you will work at in advance. After arriving in Shanghai, please avoid crowded places if possible and wear a proper mask in public areas. Do not leave Shanghai for the sake of your own safety until further official notice, and please comply with the latest Chinese government regulations.

  Thank you for your understanding. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.                              

International Office   

Shanghai Polytechnic University

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